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  • Adult & Geriatric

  • Pediatrics

  • Rehabilitation

  • Social Services

  • Personal Assistance​

Services We Offer:

We are a licensed and professional agency that is certified to provide: 

- Adults and Geriatric Skilled Nursing 
- Individualized plan of care 
- Comprehensive wound care 
- Foley catheter insertion and care 
- Diabetic care and teaching 
- Enteral feeding/tube feeding administration and care 
- Nutritional guidance 
- Coordinate durable medical equipment and supplies 
- Coordinate with the pharmacy on prescriptions and prescription delivery to your home 
- Set up your meds in med minders to remind you of the time, dates, type and number of pills to take 
- I.V. Therapy/Infusion Therapy 
- Colostomy/Ileostomy care 
- Lab orders 
- Insulin therapy 
- Administer doctor’s prescribed medications  

Rehabilitation Services

Our excellent and licensed therapist provide one-on-one:                        
- Occupational Therapy
- Speech Therapy 
- Physical Therapy 
- Assist with mobility and transfers 

Social Services 

We provide holistic social services:          
- Complete psychosocial assessment    
- Counseling and family support  
- Education 
- Transition planning 
- Community resources referral
- Assist with application for government programs
- Set up transportation
- Coordinate durable med equipment and supplies 
- Staff Medical Social Worker (LMSW/State authorized non- clinical independent contractor) 

Personal Assistance Services (PAS)

We tailor your PAS towards your independence, we 
- Perform personal care 
- Provide transfer assistance 
- Prepare meals and feeding 
- Provide companionship 
- Perform light housekeeping 
- Run errands (prescription pick-up, dry cleaning, etc.) 
- Organize, mail and read mail 
- Grocery shopping 
- Escort to appointments 
- Entertainment (games, crafts, reading, exercise, etc.) 

Adults and Geriatric Patients